The Fit'truck is a programme that aims to provide personal support to the most socially vulnerable women (single mothers, victims of domestic violence, homeless, migrants, etc.). It is aimed at fifteen women between 16 and 75+ each year. The aim is to accompany these women in a process of self-knowledge so that they gain autonomy and position themselves in a dynamic of self-worth, confidence and surpassing themselves. To achieve this, the YARALE programme provides a rich and intensive three-month support programme. This time frame allows the beneficiaries to take the time to get to know themselves and others better, and above all to be able to assert themselves better.

 Yaralé, which means femininity in Soninké, is a non-profit association under the French law of 1901, whose headquarters are located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Its objective is to promote the development, fulfilment and autonomy of women through various activities. 
Yaralé sees in each woman an untapped potential for her territory, her family and her neighbours. Each woman can, through activities adapted to her place of life and targeted initiatives, improve her environment and her quality of life. The leitmotiv of this association is to support and encourage them, to organise events and meetings that can channel their energy and promote their personal fulfilment. 
The association defends the following fundamental values:
- Equality: all women, regardless of their territory of origin, have the right to a sporting activity to maintain their health, can access different cultural outings (family or among themselves) and show solidarity for a cause that motivates them. 
- Solidarity: Genuine mutual aid within the territory that effectively identifies needs and provides the most appropriate response.
- Sharing: Communicating through activities carried out by and for all components of the territory.

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