1.    The applicant must be legally registered under national law and must have the necessary registration in its home country or otherwise to allow it to receive funding from Laureus Sport for Good.

2.    The applicant must be a current Laureus Sport for Good grantee (i.e. receiving funds in 2019).

3.    Prior to submitting the video, applicants are responsible for securing the authorisation to use the footage in the public domain by the people featuring in the video and by their parents/guardians if they are underage.

4.    Applicants give permission to Laureus and Mercedes to use their video entry both internally and externally as part of the competition.

5.    The applicant agrees to implement their idea within 12 months, using up to €10,000 prize donation.  Any costs incurred by the applicant over and above €10,000 to deliver their initiative will be covered by the applicant.  

6.    Each Laureus grantee (programme) can submit only one entry.

7.     By participanting you confirm you understand that we will process your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy