Buffalo City Soccer School

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Project overview

East London has the second highest crime rate in the Eastern Cape and youth at risk of gang involvement and substance abuse is increasing. There is at least one drug-related crime every day in East London and yearly figures show that figure has doubled in the last three years.

The Buffalo City Soccer School project believes prevention rather than cure is the way forward. Not long ago, weekends in these East London communities would be marked by violence and even deaths as gangs roamed free. Thankfully the worst of this is now in the past, but in their place, drug and alcohol abuse has become a new, undesirable way of life for many.

The Buffalo City Soccer School is committed to countering these ills and works with young people from the ages of 9 to 13 to provide a healthier lifestyle through football. In addition, the lifeskills instruction provides youngsters with a good understanding of the negative impact of alcohol and drug abuse. These sessions are run regularly by parents, FAMSA (Family and Marriage Charity) and the local police force. HIV/Aids is also a problem in this part of East London and it is planned that health education will also become part of the programme's life skills sessions in the future.

Project data

  • Buffalo City Soccer School
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  • Sport type: Soccer
  • Social issue: HIV/AIDS