Development of Sports & Rights for People with disabilities (NPC Rwanda)

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Project overview

In Rwanda, where 300,000 of the 10 million residents are living with disability, poverty can be seen as both a cause and an effect of this. The 1994 genocide contributed enormously to the number of people living with disability; nearly 10% of the disabled population has had one or more limbs removed – either hacked off by machete or destroyed by mines, bombs, and bullets during the genocide.

Participation in NPC Rwanda’s programmes creates opportunities otherwise unavailable to this huge section of the population, who otherwise suffer from high levels of exclusion and unemployment due to lack of education, stigmatisation and discrimination. Sport plays a significant role in moving focus from disability to ability, leading to empowerment and greater self-confidence that can be applied to other realms of life, with NPC Rwanda also supporting its beneficiaries informally on income generating activities.

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