Diepsloot Mountain Bike Academy

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Project overview

South Africa's unemployment rate is on the rise and is currently at an 11-year high. The Diepsloot Mountain Bike Academy, operating in one of South Africa's toughest townships, is not only supporting underprivileged youth through sport, but creating pathways to better futures.

DMA uses sport as a vehicle to drive change, boosting the academic and employment skills and of its members and instilling the values of courage, commitment, concentration, and consistency. It engages 150 youth (aged 10-23) in a mountain bike (MTB) training programme. Those participating also benefit from: Academic Support (weekly Maths and English tutorial sessions offered to participants aged 10 – 16); Training & Employability (Training opportunities related to the cycling industry e.g. bicycle technicians and coaching); and Enterprise Development (current ED projects include a bicycle rental operation and a coffee shop).

The programme also successfully trains youth as bike mechanics, a profession that has been identified as having a high job-vacancy rate as bike sports take off in South Africa - providing direct employment opportunities.

Project data