Grassroot Soccer

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Project overview

9% of the world’s HIV+ population live in Nigeria – more than 3.2 million people. Since 2005, there has been no reduction in the number of annual deaths from the disease in the country, indicative of the fact that only 20% of people living with HIV in Nigeria are accessing antiretroviral treatment. Grassroot Soccer focuses on tackling this epidemic through education and behaviour change. Alongside its work in HIV, its programmes develop the life skills of youth while addressing issues including gender-based violence, with a focus on culturally appropriate delivery and empowering local people to be key educators within their communities. Since inception, Grassroot Soccer has benefitted over 1.3 million youth. Its graduates are six times less likely to report early sexual debut (12-15 years old) and eight times less likely to have had more than one sexual partner than non-participants in the programme.

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