Indigo Youth Movement

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Project overview

Indigo Youth Movement is located in KwaZulu-Natal, the South African province with the highest murder rate. With drugs, gangs, and substance abuse being some of the many negative influences on youth in Zulu communities, Indigo Skate Camp is using sport to create positive influences and local role models to turn lives around.

The Indigo Skate Camp is the brainchild of Dallas Oberholzer, whose exposure to international skateboarding competitions inspired him to create opportunities for disadvantaged young people. The scars which apartheid left behind, especially the disparity between rich and poor, is still a major problem in South Africa and the rural Zulu communities often get left behind in the continuing development of the country. These communities are therefore extremely susceptible to poverty, lack of education and disease. Alongside its main objectives, the project has brought international guests to the village to learn more about Zulu culture, raising local aspirations.  Today Indigo Skate Camp hosts a tourism ambassador programme employing 35 youths in the surrounding villages.

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