Lungisisa Indlela Village

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Project overview

Recent statistics reveal that in South Africa alone there are over 5 million orphaned children. It is against this backdrop that LIV launched an initiative in 2010 to help deal with the crisis of orphaned and vulnerable children. LIV is partnering with different stakeholders to provide urgently needed holistic residential care, at scale, for thousands of vulnerable and parentless children, with the core vision to Rescue a child, Restore a life,

Raise a leader and Release a star. LIV places vulnerable, parentless children into a family environment where they receive unconditional care where all their physical needs are met. Children are tomorrow’s future, so the manner in which they are raised will influence who they become. HIV/AIDS and poverty have resulted in many children being abandoned and orphaned. These children are equipped with essential moral values and life skills, to truly live lives that will influence and inspire others. The Village grows and new children join daily. The 96 environmentally friendly homes are complete with 32 house mothers and a team of relief mothers already in residence. Over 150 children now call LIV their new home.

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