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Project overview

More than half of Cambodia’s population is under the age of 25, and only 64% of adult women are able to read and write. Rights groups estimate there are at least 40,000 families living in poverty in Phnom Penh. The children of the poorest of these families can find themselves working on the streets at a young age – begging for money, selling books or trinkets in tourist areas, and often not going to school as a result. Skateistan uses innovative, youth-led programming that builds confidence, trust and social capital among these children.

Using the hook of skateboarding they connect children with education, helping to break the cycle of poverty and exclusion. Around 30 of Skateistan Cambodia’s 200 students are physically or intellectually disabled and participate in skate sessions on a regular basis, engaging positively and creating friendships with students of all backgrounds, regardless of skills or appearance.

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