Through our Sport for Good Cities, Laureus plays a backbone role in bringing local stakeholders together, and empowering them to create long-lasting change in their communities.
Sport for Good Cities by their nature have a specific focus on specific part of a cities, to create maximum impact.  Each Sport for Good Cities comprises a ‘coalition’ made up from local people in diverse sectors within the community; from local authorities, to education institutions, to youth groups, to sports organisations and local NGOs. The coalition works together to identify local challenges and ensure that the young people have access to high quality, young person-centred sports programs, that address those local issues. Sport for Good Cities is a powerful example a place based ‘bottom up’ approach that actively encourages local communities to influence the decisions that affect them. 
Laureus now has Sport for Good Cities all over the world, from the US, to London, Paris, New Delhi and Hong Kong – all focussed on one issue within one of Laureus’ Social Focus Areas. 
Sport for Good Cities | Laureus


The image above shows how our Sport for Good Cities approach differs from traditional funding. 'The Drop' is the conventional method for funders, where decisions are taken prior to engagement or guidance from the local community. 'The Scaffold' approach is how Sport for Good Cities works, where the community identify the social issues that need addressing, and Laureus provide the structure through funding and capacity building support.


Launched in September 2014, New Orleans was Laureus’ first Sport for Good Cities, and the programme has reached more than 80,000 young people. Since then, Sport for Good Cities have been set up in 3 other American cities, London, Paris, Delhi, and Hong Kong.