Diepsloot Mountain Biking Academy

Run by the Jala Peo Foundation with the aim of enhancing basic learning skills through the use of English reading circles and Math tutoring, the Diepsloot Mountain Bike (MTB) Academy provides basic MTB and life skills training for underprivileged youth sourced from schools in Diepsloot and surrounding areas.

Diepsloot Mountain Biking Academy uses sport as a vehicle to drive change, boosting the skills and self-confidence of its members and instilling the values of courage, commitment, concentration, and consistency. It engages 150 youth (ages 10 to 23) in a mountain bike (MTB) training programme.
Those participating also benefit from: academic support (weekly Maths and English tutorial sessions offered to younger participants (ages 10 to 16)); training and employability sessions (training opportunities related to the cycling industry; e.g. bicycle technicians and coaching); and enterprise development (current enterprise development projects include a bicycle rental operation and a coffee shop).