September 2017 Half-Court Hero

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The Lucas family have supported the University of North Carolina for as long as they can remember, and on January 8, Carolina was playing N.C. State. "That game had actually been delayed because of snow and the cold weather," said Adam Lucas, father of Asher. Because of the delay, there was no set halftime show on this day, so 11-year-old Asher and his friend Grant, decided that they’d entertain the crowd by trying a few half-court shots.
Asher hit the first shot...
"After the first one, they're like, 'Hey, you made a half-court shot. Good job,'" Asher said.
And the second…
"I'm like, this is nuts, there's no way I can make three," Asher recalled. "But let's try it because the crowd's excited. You don't want to just stop there."
And the third!!!
"The crowd went nuts when I made three," Asher said. "It felt amazing because I don't really know anybody that made three half-court shots before, and it's really hard to do."