September 2017 Tougher Together

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Josh Landmann was left paralysed from just below his chest after diving into a pool and hitting his head on the bottom, suffering spinal injuries. Despite his injuries, the 22-year-old didn’t let his freak accident stop him giving Tough Mudder, a gruelling obstacle course, a go on May 13 in order to raise money for Spinal Research. When Landmann attempted to crawl up the challenging ‘Everest’ hurdle on the course, he received support from his dad, Neil, and other participants who outstretched their hands and hauled him to the top of the obstacle. “I got to the edge thinking I’d be able to crawl up it quite easily and get to the rope, but it wasn’t quite as easy as that. It was very slippery. And then Dad’s trying to push me and he’s slipping”, Josh said.
Neil added: “He’s so determined to success and achieve things it was just normal. We’ve grown up with his progression and positivity. He’s amazing in that regard.” On the support he’s received since the Tough Mudder challenge, Josh said: “I’ve received so many messages from mums and from children who say they want to do it when they’re older. I’ve had messages from people who are in hospital at the minute who say they’re very low in themselves and ask ‘How do you do it?’ It’s quite surreal.” Now Landmann wants to take part in the Winter Paralympics in 2022: “I’ve been working with the British para-snowsports team and done a few races, it’s opened so many doors to me. But I’ve got a few more challenges ahead as well.”