November 2018 Hailey's Journey To 30

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Inspirational 8-year-old baseball fan Hailey Dawson was born with Poland syndrome, a genetic condition which restricts the development of a pectoral muscle. As a result, Hailey was born without three fingers on her right hand, but she was determined prove to the world that her disability doesn’t hold her back.
With the help of a 3D printed prosthetic hand designed by engineers from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Hailey embarked on a ‘Journey to 30’ – a bid to throw the first pitch at every Major League ballpark. Starting with the Baltimore Orioles, Hailey had a particular prosthetic hand made for each of the 30 teams she visited, wrapping up her challenge by throwing the first pitch at Angel Stadium, to Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels. 
“It took this community of people to help a then five-year-old build her confidence and self-esteem to where she is now at eight,” said Yong Dawson, Hailey's mother. “Hailey’s confidence and positive spirit will continue to grow and the possibilities are endless for this kid born with Poland Syndrome.”