September 2018 Seeing Is Believing

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Seconds after completing his 1500m race at the IAAF Under 20 World Championships in Tampere in July, an official handed Jaryd Clifford a white cane. The inspirational 19-year-old is a partially-sighted athlete who was diagnosed with juvenile macular degeneration at the age of three, but hasn’t let his visual impairment hold him back. Jaryd is the leading 1500m running in both the able bodied and disability rankings in Australia, and his goal is competing in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. Jaryd said: “No matter what race you’re in, just go for it. Never be intimidated by someone just because they’re able-bodied. I’ve embraced my vision as a part of me, it’s made me who I am, and everyone should be proud of their disability.”