May 2018 Under Sister Jean's Watch

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Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, who chaplain for the Loyola University Chicago Ramblers since 1994, has become one of the most recognizable figures in US sports following the team’s back-to-back upset wins in the NCAA Tournament. The college basketball’s end-of-season showdown has Americans glued to their screens for most of March and everyone talking about Sister Jean, her dedication, determination and love for the Ramblers.
The 98-year-old nun doesn't allow age to stand in her way and the former player and coach provides scouting reports, pregame speeches and postgame analysis by email, along with spiritual guidance. Basketball has always held a firm place in her heart and Sister Jean has fond memories of celebrating Loyola’s last championship win in 1963, further reinforcing the nun’s dedication and affiliation to the Chicago Ramblers. However, she’s no mere mascot and she offers more than just thoughts and prayers, Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt and her love of all things basketball act as a guiding light for the team.