August 2018 Wheelbarrowing Everest

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Australian Scott Doolan, who lost the use of both of his legs as a teenager, successfully reached the foot of Mount Everest following an incredible 10-day journey with minimal assistance. The 28-year-old from New South Wales navigated the 65-kilometre trek to the world’s highest mountain using a custom-made wheelchair and a technique he called “wheelbarrowing”, crawling on his hands while somebody held his ankles. 
Scott was involved in a severe motorcycle accident when he was 17, leaving him paralysed from the waist down. During his darkest days, he fell in love with fitness, and said part of his inspiration for the climb was to raise awareness for mental health and overcoming adversity. Scott now has a new goal of competing as a swimmer in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.
Scott’s story is proof that with determination, anything is possible.