abseits – beyond the field

"abseits - beyond the field”. The project is aimed at young people who already have a criminal record and/or have been detained as a result of criminal behavior. This program aims to support, (re)integrate and offer the chance of a self-determined, emancipated life to young people whose course of life has taken one detour or another.

It cannot be ignored that presently inequalities and differentiated lifestyles exist. Young people whose path is marked by disadvantages and misfortunes sometimes make the wrong decisions. “abseits – beyond the field” aims to provide second chances and to encourage new beginnings.
The program is aimed at young people who have already been criminally recorded and/or have been imprisoned because of criminal behavior. Juvenile delinquency is characterized by framework conditions such as family, education, peer group, etc. The program seeks to address these conditions and support and (re-)integrate those young people, helping them to lead a self-determined and emancipated life.
Through sports, access to the young people is established and is therefore essential for the relationship work. The sport of football is intended to strengthen the body and mind to be better able to cope with the everyday hurdles in the best possible way. In addition, football reveals behavioral patterns and emotions which are valuable components to better understand the young people.
To build up these relationships in the best possible way, two weekly training sessions are held in a local correctional facility, but also in the neighborhoods, in order to create the basis for a resocialization process and prevention. In this way, permanent and intensive support can be ensured after the prison term. The acquired skills, abilities, and competencies that young people experience in sports are deepened and consolidated; these processes are professionally accompanied and supervised by (social) educators throughout the year.
In addition, through the program there is the possibility to start an apprenticeship, which is provided through a cooperation with local businesses and thus covers the work-integrative aspect. To increase the apprenticeship employment, there is also the effort to support the young people in their preparation for job applications. The program does not claim to represent a "patent recipe"; for successful prevention and resocialization but is seen as another option to give young people with
delinquency experiences a perspective and a stable leisure time activity.
To ensure the quality of the program, experts in the fields of youth work, probation and detention have agreed to assists throughout all stages of the program with their expertise.
The program lives from the second and third chance and would like to bring this message to those people whose lives have taken one or the other detour.

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