Rising You

Rising You facilitates the integration of refugees through sports, vocational training and employment. Youngsters aged 12 and above are welcome in the Rising You Club, which organises weekly training climbing sessions in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. Climbers who want to turn their hobby into their profession, are invited to the Rising You Academy. In addition to industrial rope techniques, our ‘height potentials’ acquire technical skills, such as installing solar panels or assembling high-voltage pylons, preparing them for decent and adventurous jobs.

Rising You facilitates the integration of refugees through work by the unique combination of training in climbing techniques, technical training and enhancing soft skills. Training programmes are offered as levers for personal development and professional integration of young refugees.
Rising You successfully facilitates the integration of refugees through work by this unique combination, leading to jobs at height. The impact is remarkable: no less than 93% of the refugees starting the training programme obtain lasting employment.
Rising You offers a way out of unemployment and increases the life quality of the newcomers with a long lasting impact.
In the climbing clubs, important employability skills and attitudes are trained through informal learning. ‘Height Potentials’, aged 18 and above, are selected based on their skills, attitudes and enthusiasm. Throughout a dedicated training programme, these ‘Height Potentials’ get the opportunity to become ropes access technicians. The training programmes are offered to groups of 12 candidates. The programme requires 3 to 6 months and includes basic skills, language education, technical skills, rope techniques, ...
After completion of this training, Rising You facilitates towards employment through partnerships with companies in various sectors: telecom, energy, facility services, painting and others. These companies are offered well trained and highly motivated rope access workforce.
Rising You uses several levers for integration:
Rising You targets young adults with a poor level of education, by addressing these newcomers in an appreciative way. Rising You establishes a trustful and positive relationship as the fundamentals for a qualitative learning experience.
These young newcomers were often the victims of cruel wars, human trafficking and exploitation. Most frequently, they live apart from their family and had to rebuild their lives all over again. However, considering them solely as victims, is an injustice: their presence in our society is the evidence of their physical power, their perseverance and their mental strength. These are exactly the strengths that Rising You wants to empower.
Rising You guides young people starting from their potential, from their inner power. This provides perspective and the experience of self-determination and meaningfulness. This way, these young people learn to look at themselves from another perspective and, in the meantime, society learns to see them in a different light. This changed perception creates chances and opportunities. This is exactly what Rising You stands for.
We use different levers for integration:
Rising You

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