Malaika’s mission is to empower Congolese girls and their communities through education and health programs. The grassroots non-profit operates in the village of Kalebuka in the southeastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

An educated girl will increase her future earnings by approximately 10-20% for each additional year of schooling and will reinvest most of it back into her family and community.
These are key factors in a nation’s socioeconomic development, and yet girls still face immense obstacles in obtaining education in the DRC. At Malaika, resources are mobilised so that these girls can receive the best schooling possible, providing them with greater choices and opportunities, and the capacity to make informed decisions.
Malaika’s goal is to build the leadership capacity of each individual student so that she gives back to her community and has a positive, long-term impact on the future of the DRC.


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