RunOurCity Foundation & The Chinese University Hong Kong

Together with Prof. Cindy Sit of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, RunOurCity Foundation has tailored their youth running programme to serve 70 youths with ADHD conditions, while educating 8 coaches on identifying, and working with, youths with ADHD. The programme aims to boost the mental wellbeing, such as reduced stress, increased self-esteem and improved self-confidence of the youths with ADHD.

RunOurCity has worked with over 100 running coaches to provide introductory running training to over 12,000 youths. They have also been working with academics to tailor their training specially for youths with special education needs (SENS). For this programme, they are leveraging their experience, and working with Professor Sit to host workshops for a group of coaches, covering topics from identifying ADHD symptoms; techniques in offering guidance and training to ADHD youths; dealing with potential circumstances arising during the training, etc. Aiming to boost the mental wellbeing of the participants, the programme consists of 3 different phases – 1.) Train the Trainers workshops for 8 running coaches to help them work with children with ADHD 2.) Introduction to Running: smaller class sizes for children with ADHD for them to be comfortable and to get their first taste of the joy of running 3.) Getting to 10km - Discovery & Exploration: the “graduation phase” which is their goal to complete. They will be introduced to different interactions with society while out on their runs through different areas of Hong Kong.

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