National Council of YMCAs of Japan - Trail Run for Girls 2021

Through the YMCA Trail Run For Girls 2021, the National Council of YMCAs of Japan will host trail run events, leadership training and develop an online community to support participants’ health.

With the support of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, the YMCAs of Japan will be implementing the Trail Run for Girls 2021 project.
Five trail run events will be held throughout the year, where participants can challenge themselves in nature at their own pace. The event will be held mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and about 50 girls from junior high school to university will participate, including those with disabilities, developmental issues, and who have grown up overseas. Trail running is a sporting activity where participants can challenge themselves at their own pace in a natural environment, and even if they are not good at sports or currently have low energy or physical strength, they can set individual goals and look to their own potential and limits. Each participant will be counselled in advance, and goals will be set according to their physical and mental health, and the overall score will be based on the distance and time run.
We also combine the trail run with two outdoor activity projects for leadership training. In the outdoor activities, which are based on group work, small groups of participants will engage in dialogue to move in the same direction based on different opinions, and work together to solve problems. We believe that this will help the younger generation acquire social skills that will provide the foundation for leadership in society, and form the basis for good humanity that is most important in the age of Artificial Intelligence.
We will also create an online community to communicate and advise each other during the period between programs. We will provide opportunities such as fitness gyms, swimming, etc. on a daily basis so that the participants can acquire the basic fitness needed for trail running.
Through these opportunities, it is aimed to promote the value of human growth with sports as the core. In particular opportunities will be provided to girls to play sports in a safe and secure environment to enhance their sense of self-affirmation and utility, and promote holistic growth based on physical and mental health and basic fitness. The program is also characterized by the acquisition of social skills that enable people from different backgrounds and situations to work together to solve problems and cultivate leadership skills that can be demonstrated in society. The YMCAs of Japan believes that even with the COVID-19 pandemic, this project will increase opportunities for people to enjoy sports fairly, regardless of their physical or mental strength, disability, or financial background.

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