Boxgirls Kenya

Boxgirls Kenya uses boxing to support at-risk girls in underserved slum communities in Nairobi.

It builds confidence and leadership skills for girls to lead safe and dignified lives and to be change agents for the advancement of others. Based in Kariobangi, one of Nairobi's dangerous neighbourhoods, the boxing academy is fighting to empower women and girls while teaching them their rights: to education, self-determination, economic independence, a decent standard of living, respect, and a life free from violence.

Through using the non-traditional sport of boxing, Boxgirls aims to break gender stereotypes about girls' involvement in male-dominated spaces and have girls valued as equal members of the community, with decision-making power over issues that affect them. The academy uses self-defence training to help women and girls become self-sufficient and emotionally and physically resilient.

​The outcome is that the girls feel safer, more supported and empowered to challenge gender stereotypes within their communities and more comfortable to stand up for themselves and those around them.

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