CoolPlay Trust

CoolPlay uses sport to teach life skills to schoolchildren who often lack stable and supportive family structures. The programme’s vision is to create positive and lasting change in the lives of children, their schools and the communities in which they live.

The programme believes that if you develop a child’s social and emotional capabilities, you will immeasurably improve the chances of that child's success in life. Finally, the programme believes sport provides the ideal environment for the education and development of disadvantaged youth.
Each Cool Play training session has a sports objective and a life skills objective, which closely relate so that the sport can emphasize and demonstrate the life lesson. The drills and games used were made in collaboration with a child psychologist (addressing social challenges like HIV/AIDS, abuse/bullying, peer pressure, depression, and gang warfare) and a sports scientist.  Thirty coaches run each session, which generally consist of 60 minutes of sports and 30 minutes of life skills and reflection.

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