Grassroot Soccer

Grassroot Soccer (GRS) uses the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilise communities to help stop the spread of HIV.

GRS realises that the true power of soccer has always been in the connections it creates between people. GRS uses footballers as role models and the popularity of the sport to reach out and engage youngsters. In addition, the programme incorporates social theory, public health methodologies, rigorous evaluation, and a good dose of passion on the pitch.

Grassroot Soccer’s ‘Skillz’ curriculum focuses on building basic life skills that help young people adopt healthy behaviors and live risk-free. Through a series of interactive activities and discussions, students gain tangible understandings of HIV/AIDS and get a chance to practice the skills necessary for sustainable behavior change. Key curricular topics include making healthy decisions, avoiding risks, building support networks, reducing stigma and discrimination, increasing knowledge about testing and treatment, addressing gender issues, and assessing values.

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