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Over the past ten years, the Rafa Nadal Foundation has focused its work on the integration and social development of children and young people in Spain and India. To do so, the organisation uses sport and education to provide equal opportunities and empower young people to fulfil their potential in life. Created in 2014, the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centre in Palma cares for more than 250 vulnerable young people and their families each year. Programming delivered at the Centre focuses on fostering educational values such as team spirit, respect and effort, always using sport as the essential element.

The Education and Sports Programme developed at the Rafa Nadal Foundation Centre is a national project located in Palma de Mallorca, which serves children and young people between the ages of 5 and 17 who live in vulnerable environments.
It is a comprehensive programme complementary to compulsory school education running after school for children and young people.
The programme has been developed by a team of professionals: the Programme Director has a degree in Psychology and the rest of the staff have degrees in Social Work, Social Education, Physical Activity Sciences and Psychology. Above all, the programme focuses on three areas of intervention: Sport, Education and Psychological Attention. In a transversal way, this approach aims to teach positive values, care and hygiene and nutrition and food.
Centro Fundación Rafa Nadal
They also offers a sports and educational programme during the school holidays, which allows participants to play and have fun together. What’s more, the programme helps take care of the beneficiaries’ families, since in most cases, they also have needs derived from different situations, including difficulty in accessing the employment market, lack of knowledge regarding access to public aid and so on. The team also guide them in matters of care and education for their children, offering tools for them to develop parenting skills, management of emotions, rules and regulations and more. The team believe that this joined-up process strengthens and complements the work of the professionals.

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