Through this programme we are trying to bring the gender equality in the community by enrolling out of school children in main stream education (Specially girls), by doing overall development of youth through sports, by enrolling youth of seemapuri under vocational centre and provide them job for their better livelihood. We will also be connecting and providing primary education to those women who are interested in studies but to some personal reason they didn’t get the same.

This program will be focus on empowering local communities to ensure access to education for all and enhance the capacity of youth and other community stakeholders to tackle local community development issues. With the specific objectives to enhance awareness in the target communities on the educational rights of children, ensure access to education for all and improve retention in school, improve the engagement of community to address the community development issues, and develop leadership among youths through sports and other activities and to enhance gender equality by focusing and ensuring more participation of girls and young women.
This program will be led by coalition of Local NGOs, CBOs, SMC (School Management Committee) members. Local Women Leader, Sports for Development Organization, gender Based Organization and youth leaders. In the process of action in the target community the coalition will be engaged and associated with other stakeholders such as potential community leaders, youths etc. Local elected representatives and other government stakeholders will be roped in by the coalition to solve the identified community issues. The members of the coalition will lead the issues as per their expertise and interests.
Young boys and girls will be involved in the process through sports and by establishment of youth resource center. The youth resource center will help the coalition, community developments and for building capacities of community and identified young leaders.
New Seemapuri is a 40 years old settlement with a large part which consists of JJ Clusters/Slums. Although this location was resettled more than four decades ago but the prevailing conditions of the area are still very abysmal. Community is also denied access to most of the Government schemes and services due to lack of infrastructure and willingness of state. The people are living in very unhygienic conditions because of lack of space. People get minimum basic facilities.
The main occupation of people here are daily wages laborers, drivers, rag pickers, construction worker or street vendors / shopkeepers. The basic services provided by government are not accessible to them and if provided to some that also not adequate and sub-standard. There are issues of Poor Access to Government Schemes and Entitlements, Inadequate Basic Service, Exclusion of community people from Planning Process, Poor access to education facilities etc. Apart from this the girls and young women get less opportunity due to so many social and community barricades. The scoping study by Pro-sport says that 85.7% of respondents believed sport to be very effective as a tool for development when working towards social inclusion and/or integration. 78.5% said that gender equality and education are areas where sport can be very effective. The key finding of scoping study says that seemapuri is having high risk of Literacy rate, Female Literacy rate.  This programme will be focus on building capacity of community to tackle community issues by themselves while ensuring gender justice and equity.  We will be using sports-based interventions to achieve positive outcomes for girls and boys in education, health and well-being, livelihoods and gender-based discrimination.

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