Espoir 18

The Espoir 18 association works towards the social and professional integration of 2,000 young people a year aged 6 to 30 living in the working-class districts of the 18th and 19th arrondissements of Paris. They carry out projects on current social issues: the place of women, the fight against racism, the relationship between the police and the population, the prevention of radicalisation, etc. In this way, they help their users to become active citizens and gain a better understanding of the world around them.

ESPOIR 18 has set up a digital programme based on the organisation of E-SPORT tournaments in different structures for young people, teenagers and young adults (6-30 years old).
During these tournaments, they involve employees from tech companies, actors working on the socio-professional support of young people, various partners offering digital initiations, and partners setting up workshops on the prevention of digital dangers. 
The organisation of E-Sport tournaments, because of the attraction that their users have for this practice, will encourage participants to meet with a multitude of actors working in the social and digital sectors.
During the E-Sport tournaments (Fifa/Ring Fit Adventure), a specific time is dedicated to the speakers who offer educational workshops on digital literacy and the discovery of professions. 

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