Génération Taekwondo Académie 93 (GTA 93)

The GTA 93 is a sports association of Taekwondo located in Seine Saint-Denis in La Courneuve which exists in its current form for 2 years now. Their structure is composed of a main trainer, Gwladys Epangue, and an assistant trainer volunteer. The goal of the GTA 93 is to allow the blooming of the members through this discipline and to promote the practice of the taekwondo and the Korean culture to the licensees through the sports and cultural events.

Access to sports is sometimes difficult, especially for young girls from working class neighbourhoods, and more so for combat sports.
These difficulties can have various reasons: lack of knowledge of the practices or erroneous vision, lack of self-confidence...
With the creation of FightHer, Gwladys Epangue, the GTA 93 and Rise Up wish to fight against this situation at their level.
This programme has 3 objectives:
- To discover the practice of martial arts
- To give young girls the keys to a better education in well-being
- Sharing time with inspiring women, symbols of success

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