Lepic Populaire

Lepic Populaire is a local sports and cultural association, established in its neighbourhood. It offers several sports activities: table tennis, badminton and baby-gym. Its objective is inclusion in sport as well as inclusion through sport. Offering a path of progression and interest in the activity to all its members, it is sensitive to offering means of fighting against inequalities, discrimination, discouragement or exclusion from the means of action.

The project consists of offering a weekly motor skills course - baby-gym activity for 90 children aged 2 to 5 in a deprived area of the 18th arrondissement of Paris.
Among these young children practising the activity, the project plans to welcome more than 30 of them free of charge by offering them a reinforced educational programme.
The workshops are adapted to the children's needs.
Three workshop profiles are proposed, two according to age, a third on a parent-child practice format.
The workshops are inspired by the guidelines of active pedagogy:
- The powerful force of the child's autonomous development.
When children can do things on their own, without prescriptions, they develop stronger self-confidence and their learning is more robust. 
- The adult as an understanding companion who 'puts into words' the child's experience.
Ensuring maximum autonomous development requires a great deal of adult presence: the role of the layout of spaces and objects, the recognition of the child's emotions as a person from a very early age, the importance of listening and accompanying through language. 
- The exchange and dissemination of pedagogical principles that have been worked on and reflected upon collectively.
The programme emphasises in-depth pedagogical follow-up inside and outside the sports sessions and within a conscious and united team.
The programme aims in particular to help children become independent and to build up their self-confidence within a community. The project includes support for parenthood and the dissemination of educational principles and methods with a view to prevention and respect for the individual.
Intervention with very young people is conceived as a means of fighting stereotypes and value judgements, whatever they may be, and in particular against the creation of deterministic categories based on gender, social or cultural origin, or differentiated physical abilities.
In addition to direct and indirect audiences, the programme also aims to disseminate and leave a legacy by formalising the increased competence of teams in the field of producing and supporting projects for young children.

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