Sport is a social game, let's coach the useful networks of the district by creating modules of animation, advice, training that allow different vulnerable publics, in co-construction with local actors, to benefit from the best of the sport culture.

Created in 2019, SOSO 18 is an association that aims to respond to identified everyday problems through actions stemming from sports culture, in a logic of co-construction with the associations of a neighbourhood.
Its first themes of intervention? Visibility of women in the public space, self-confidence, the fight against school drop-out, physical and intellectual activities for seniors, social links, coaching and skills transfer.
How does it work? Stimulate collective intelligence through the creation of concrete projects, month after month, with a view, among other things, to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games: fun, creative and inclusive activities (new neighbourhood "sports"), consultancy and coaching activities, new forms of animation in the form of co-construction, the organisation of popular participative events…

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