Futebol dá Força

In Sweden we recruit, train and coach leaders to create safe meeting places for girls, both on and off the football field, and make Swedish sport structures accessible for all girls irrespective of their background or household income.

In Sweden, one in three young women between 16-24 years lives with anxiety, distress or unease in her daily life, and only 2/10 girls exercise enough to be considered physically healthy. Girls and young women are also often targets of physical, psychological and sexual violence. Futebol dá força therefore provides safe spaces and support for girls, where they can improve their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as develop agency to stand up for their rights and shape their own future. Futebol Aberto means 'open football' and is a safe space and training session where girls can come and play with our leaders without any requirements and always free of charge. Any girl can come and train football unconditionally and have fun during our training sessions, where there is space for feelings, questions and important conversations. Futebol Aberto serves as a stepping stone into the Swedish club system, also known as 'föreningslivet', which is a pillar of Swedish civil society and the only national structure of organised sports activities for youth outside of the school system. Futebol Aberto gives football clubs a way to include girls that are often marginalised in both football clubs and in the community, making 'föreningslivet' a place for everyone irrespective of background or household income. 

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