La Nuestra Fútbol Femenino

La Nuestra Fútbol Femenino is an organisation that seeks to recreate a space for girls and young women to play football and transcend sports, integrating it to work with a gender perspective in other areas such as education and health. The programme works with former football players and national technical football directors who since 2007 have been active in the Güemes field of Villa 31, in the City of Buenos Aires.

Since 2007, La Nuestra Fútbol Femenino has provided a training space in women's football in Barrio 31, Buenos Aires, for girls and young women. They also offer a workshop space for reflection from a gender perspective.
Although there are other women's football teams in the neighbourhood and in the city, they do not have sports or technical training, nor do they have workshop spaces to channel the experiences and address the problems faced by the women who participate.
Thus, La Nuestra has become the only neighbourhood organisation that offers a space for women to play football, allowing them to integrate it to work with a gender perspective and; calling women to do a sport that, in general, they do not have the possibility to play.
Their mission is to address issues related to gender stereotypes, sexual and reproductive health, gender violence, discrimination, use of free time, pleasures and duties, social bonds, among other issues and problems.
From this double training-workshop anchor, it is possible to see the construction of citizenship, more visibility of women playing football in the neighbourhood, as well as the possibility to collectively building strategies so that this practice is sustained and multiplied.
Today La Nuestra represents a space that has been appropriated by the participants themselves, who continue to build and develop with their language, customs and presence. By expressing and learning new forms of conflict resolution, channelling the different problems they experience, from their condition of young women in a situation of social exclusion, to generating identities and belonging, they contribute to the construction of the identity of women's football.

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