Bola pra Frente - Cruzamento Perfeito

Bola pra Frente uses the language of sports and culture to develop life forming skills such as learning skills, motor skills, teamwork, healthy living, general knowledge, and citizenship-related rights. They make use of sports and in-class activities for children and teens so they can achieve integral development. Sports and culture are used as tool to support dissemination of citizenships rights and values, socio-emotional skills, and opportunities of employability in the future. They firmly believe that sports, cultural literacy and education can change their community and help people to dream again.

The Cruzamento Perfeito (Perfect Crossing) programme uses the connection between culture and sport to promote the integral formation of children and adolescents. It uses the analogies of sports to build a bridge between sports and education for the development of skills and competences, well-informed citizen practice and a perspective of social promotion.
The programme intends to transfer knowledge from one area of knowledge to another, in a perfect way, creating a harmonious play, where each educator is also a player, complementing each other for the integral development of participating students. The programme aims to benefit around 400 children and adolescents, residents of the Complexo do Muquiço, between 06 and 17 years old, through educational sports methodology, using Football as main tool, but also addressing other sports. The sports activities are linked with reading and personal skills sections. 
Bola Pra Frente - Brasil

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