IEE - Instituto Esporte e Educação - Projeto Vilas Olímpicas Rio de Janeiro

Projeto Vilas Olimpicas aims to engage teachers from the public schools at Complexo da Mare in Rio de Janeiro in online training sessions, following IEE methodology, strengthening and equipping them with abilities and skills that supports interaction and personal development of the students, children and young people from nearby communities. The programme partners with the local authorities and utilises its Vilas Olimpicas, which are sports infrastructure based at the heart of Mare deprived community and attract participation of children and young people by offering multi-sports activities.

Vila Olimpicas Project main objective is to train and empower teachers from public schools in Mare, Rio de Janeiro to work with their students, children and young people from the communities, to become more physically active and passionate about sport. The programme encourages the practice of sports and promotes social inclusion of beneficiary communities and their surroundings, supporting high-performance athletes and contributing to enhance the quality of life of residents. The project uses 22 units of the Vilas Olimpicas and attract participants to uses these safe spaces. The project offers training content by using tailormade online platforms (Distance Education portal and local monitoring).

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