Paris Basket 18

Paris Basket 18 (PB18) began as a neighborhood club that has grown to become a leader in the field of education and women’s sport. Funding from the Community Empowerment Program will go toward PB18’s programs that works with young people through local schools to provide basketball training paired with sessions on gender justice and social-emotional learning.

The Paris Basket 18 is a women's basketball club located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris that was created in 2001.
In addition to its competitive and leisure sports activities, the club implements many projects that aim to promote the social integration of young girls from disadvantaged neighbourhoods through sport and especially basketball.
For 20 years now, it has been spreading the values of self-empowerment, humility and exemplarity to a wide audience, which are found in community life, in the workplace and in the sporting world.
Recognised for its quality sports training, the PB18 has brought a breath of fresh air to women's basketball and has allowed many young people to believe in their chances.
But the club focuses above all on education through sport so that its young people become fulfilled and autonomous people in their adult life. Sport and education are our two essential pillars for the success of our young people's lives.
The PB18 works with a team of multidisciplinary specialists (coaches, psychologist, mental trainer, psychologist and facilitators) who can thus help the young people to evolve in their preferred field.
Our former players, who are our best ambassadors, complete this team by intervening on an ad hoc basis with the youngsters to explain their career path and give them energy to pursue their project.
The PB18 wishes to train the girls as a whole so that each one of them can reach her best potential as a sportswoman but especially as a woman.

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