RUN HK & Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation (HKRUCF)

The programme from RUN HK and Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation provides refugee children with a safe and inclusive educational sports environment that provides age-specific knowledge and skills for them to better manage their mental wellbeing. The coach training process also offers personal development opportunities for adult refugee participants.

RUN HK, in partnership with HKRUCF, aims to increase the reach and effectiveness of their regular sports activities for refugees by implementing a programme to provide access to positive mental wellness learning opportunities through sport. The programme’s aims will be achieved through the delivery of an integrated 12-session mental wellness and non-contact rugby curriculum and supported through the provision of psychological support where required. The training of a number of the coaches who are themselves refugees or asylum seekers is a core component of the programme, with the coach development process providing participants with a platform for further educational development.


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