Champions - Lernen Und Sport

«Champions - Lernen und Sport» is a free sports and educational program for children and young people between the ages of 10 and 16, in which the motivation of sport and physical activity is used to increase motivation to learn at the same time.

The program is primarily aimed at children and young people who spend their free time mostly self-organized and receive little support from home in school matters. The central approach of the program is the voluntary and low-threshold meeting without registration on a school-free afternoon in a centrally located school complex. In the first part of the afternoon, the girls and boys work together on their homework, play brain games and then do sports together (polysports) in the second part of the afternoon. They are supervised and supported by specially recruited juveniles, so-called junior coaches, and a site manager.
The program enables the participating children and young people to experience community, tolerance and solidarity. In the sports and learning support part, the participants support each other, show consideration for each other and respect differences and individual needs. Through the cross-generational and cross-cultural setting, as well as through active participation, the girls and boys also acquire other important social skills such as the ability to deal with conflict, a sense of responsibility and the ability to cooperate.   
The Laureus Foundation Switzerland funds "Champions - Lernen und Sport" and, with its support, helps to strengthen around 6,000 children and young people in the German-speaking part of Switzerland for the challenges of life through sport every year.
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