fit4future Sportcamps

Since 2013, "fit4future" - the health promotion initiative of the fit4future foundation (formerly the Cleven Foundation) - has been offering polysportive and professionally led sports weeks during the winter, spring, summer and fall vacations in cooperation with numerous sports associations and sports clubs.

fit4future created varied vacation weeks which enabled children of primary school age (6-12 yrs.), regardless of whether they are talented in sports or not, to enjoy motivating exercise activities during the vacation season. The children get to know between 10 and 15 sports during one week and are motivated for a sporty future. The polysportive holistic approach of "fit4future" in the form of a play course and the scientifically developed and child-oriented topics of nutrition and brain fitness (mental health) form the framework of the sports camps.

The Laureus Foundation is pleased to be involved in sponsoring the fit4future sports camps, enabling more than 1,200 children in nine cantons to enjoy unforgettable and exciting sports weeks every year and motivating them to be as active as possible in sports in the future.

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