PeacePlayers International

PeacePlayers unite divided communities through basketball, by creating a space for both individual and communal changes, thus creating a more peaceful world.

PeacePlayers has more than 15 years of experience using basketball to bring people together and break down barriers in conflict regions around the globe.
PeacePlayers uses the power of sport to unite, educate and inspire young people to create a more peaceful world.
PeacePlayers engages youth in communities experiencing conflict across divides that have historically fueled conflict and implements sustained, sports-based programming led by local coaches and grounded in leadership development and peace education. Youth develop the skills and behaviours that enhance their ability to reduce conflict in positive ways and we support them to lead others in their community to build a more peaceful society. We’ve worked since 2001 in some of the most conflicted regions, including Northern Ireland, Cyprus, South Africa and the Middle East.
Many communities around the world are in conflict because of divides driven by historical, racial, socioeconomic and other differences. PeacePlayers programs are designed to break down barriers that exist between two conflicting groups, bridging the divide that exists and unleashing the power of those in the community to act as catalysts for change within their families, schools and neighbourhoods. Our youth emerge from the PeacePlayers’ program as leaders who are committed to inspiring others in their community to reduce conflict and work to build a more peaceful and equitable society.
2020 Peaceplayers Friendship Games Launch
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