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Jan van Berkel is a Swiss triathlete, the fastest Swiss Ironman participant ever. In July 2018, after two second and two third places in Zurich, he clinched his first victory in the Ironman Switzerland, which he was able win again in 2019. In October 2019, the 33-year-old finished eleventh in the Ironman Hawaii.

Jan van Berkel is a Swiss triathlete, who won his first Ironman in 2018. Currently, he is competing for the Swiss-Triathlete-Ironman-Team and is the fastest Swiss Ironman ever.
Jan started his career in 1998, as a Youth Swiss Champion but just missed the qualification for the Olympic Games London 2012 on Olympic Distance. After this disappointment he decided to take a different route and train long distance, which meant the Ironman.
His first attempt at the Ironman World Championship was in Hawaii in 2015. Due to an ankle injury he finished the race in 96th place however, he tried again in 2016 and 2017. His next attempt in 2019 was his best yet where he finished the race in 11th place.
In 2017 he completed the Ironman in Texas in 7hrs 48 minutes and 40 seconds, which makes him the fastest Swiss Ironman participant ever.
He celebrated his first victory in Zurich in 2018, flooded with joy at having his first triumph in his home country. In 2019 he did it again, making him a two-time winner of the Ironman Switzerland.  
In 2018 he married Sarah van Berkel-Meier who is also a Laureus Ambassador herself.
As a Laureus Ambassador his wish is to ensure sport is accessible to all children and young people and also, to encourage healthy, positive living.


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