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What is Model City?

Model City London is a new partnership between Laureus Sport for Good, Nike and the Mayor of London, aimed at improving social integration through sport and empowering local people to drive the change they want to see in their community. The programme starts with three pilot projects in Barking, Haringey and Hounslow.

Community coordinators in each of the borough areas have liaised with local stakeholders such as community organisations, youth groups and faith groups to identify local challenges and opportunities. Over the past year these local coalitions have then been developing their own strategies, vision and outcomes identifying what are the key issues that need addressing. Coalition members will then be invited to apply for grants that they believe can use the power of sport to help address the challenges their communities are facing and improve social integration.


Ultimately, Model City London aims to empower local communities to tackle self-identified local issues. By working in this way, the partners hope to build trust and an authentic connection to the selected programmes. It also means applying a truly local, relevant and tailored approach to help tackle complex social problems.


The image above shows how our Model City approach differs from traditional funding.  'The Drop' is the conventional method for funders, where decisions are taken prior to engagement or guidance from the local community.  'The Scaffold' approach is how Model City works, where the community identify the social issues that need addressing, and Laureus provide the structure through funding and capacity support.



What are we looking to impact?

Each of the areas chosen have selected a steering group of local stakeholders to identify what the main outcomes of Model City London are. These outcomes feed into an overall vision for each area.
Click here to find out more about the chosen areas, this is also relevant for those that wish to apply for funding as this marks against the criteria required.


  • Expression of Interest to be submitted before 8th July 2019.
  • Grant Shortlisting Panels convene to shortlist successful EOIs 9th July 2019
  • Shortlisted Expression of Interests invited to submit full application before 9th August 2019
  • Successful applicants notified by the end of September
  • Funding to be released for project delivery from October 2019

Apply for Funding

We are now opening applications for organisations to apply for funding by submitting an expression of interest by 8th July 2019