7 Things you might not know about Usain Bolt….

December 3, 2013
7 Things you might not know about Usain Bolt….
It’s day three of our virtual Christmas calendar. And in honour of the man who won his THIRD Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Award this year, December THIRD is all about Usain Bolt!
  • His first love was cricket and was a fast bowler.
  • He owns a restaurant in Kingston, Jamaica called Track and Field. One of the popular dishes is the Escovich Fish Sandwich!
  • Talking about food, he is said to have eaten nothing but chicken nuggets before his 2008 100m Olympic victory ( he didn’t want to risk getting food poisoning from foods he hadn’t tried before).
  • Despite running on nothing but nuggets, he won even though his shoelaces were untied!
  • Bolt can run at a speed of 23.7 mph.
  • His 2008 world record is said to have been achieved in the face of a slight headwind.
  • His father attributes his success to “yam* power.”
Well, that’s your Christmas treat of the day. Be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any of them!
* For those unsure, yams are a type of root vegetable

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