Edwin van der Sar visits Laureus PannAcademy project

Laureus Ambassador Edwin van der Sar was in Amsterdam this week to make a visit to a special very special youth football project ahead of the World Cup.
The project was the Laureus PannAcademy, a place where Mo Boutaka, European ‘Panna’ champion, teaches kids about their role in society and personal development.
Edwin was present to watch a special tournament of the game, that prioritses kicking th eball through an opponents legs as opposed to goals, being played on Wednesday June 11 and to inspire some of the kids through a Q and A session.
The kids had some really interesting things to ask the legendary Manchester United and Holland ‘keeper.  The young talents wondered what had been the most special moment in the career of the former Fulham and Manchester United goal keeper (stopping the last and decisive penalty taken by Nicolas Anelka in the 2008 Champions League final) and whether or not Edwin had been nervous just before a game (“Not really nervous, I made sure I changed this into some healthy tension.”).
The Culibus Foundation was present as well. This foundation helps kids to get acquainted with healthy food. One out of five kids in the Netherlands is overweight and 30% of this group never get healthy. This is why the Culibus Foundation shows kids that eating and drinking healthy can be enjoyable as well.
During the event, young perople were shown how to make their own fruit smoothies and healthy food with the help of two chefs. 

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