Fabio Capello joins young football fans to promote the “Laureus Method”

April 7, 2013
Just before the Laureus World Sports Awards in March, top football manager Fabio Capella led a special session with young footballers in Rome to educate about the power of sport to improve communities.
The event, part funded by the European Union, brought together young people of three programmes from across Europe to share their expertise and experience in order to further develop their knowledge of how sport can be utilised as a tool for social change.
Capello, coach of the Russian national football, joined the exchange to offer his experience on a wide range of sport topics including leadership and team work, positive values ??which, when acquired at a young age, can be translated into all walks of life.
250 young kids from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy led by Fabio Capello, were involved in the exchange that featured four sports: football, basketball, volleyball and judo.
The Laureus-supported projects present were Peaceplayers International – Northern Ireland, Laureus Kicking Girls & Ajax Challenge and POLISPORTIVA Laureus from Rome.
Alwin Epple, President of Mercedes-Benz Italy, said: "The objective of Laureus is not, in fact, to create champions, but to help young people become serene and balanced adults, respectful of rules, of themselves and of others.”

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