Felix Sanchez on the IAAF World Championships in Moscow

Q: How has 2013 been after all the excitement of the London Olympics and your 400 metres hurdles gold medal?
Felix Sanchez: It was quiet an amazing year last year after the Games and it was a whirlwind of sorts. Lots of interviews and travelling and not too much training, but it was a great experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. 
Q: Are you looking forward to the World Championships in Moscow?
FS: Yes, I'm looking forward to my eighth World Championships and I'm looking to make a record seventh straight final and hope to get a medal and be the oldest medallist in my event as well as the most decorated. Also it will be my first time to Russia so I can't wait to take it all in. 
Q: They say ticket sales have been good, so there should be a good atmosphere. Does a big crowd help you to run?
FS: The atmosphere is everything for me. I feed off the energy in the stadium and love seeing lots of fans when I walk into the stadium. It just gets my adrenalin flowing and gets me really ready to run. 
Q: How has your build-up been?
FS: My season thus far has been a roller coaster ride, ups and downs, just struggling for consistency and a few failed attempts to get my race pattern down. One day I have the second half, one day the first half, but I hope to get it all right when it counts and really put it together at the World Championship. I do well when the pressure is on. So we shall see. 
Q: You are 35, are you still finding the training and preparation easy?
FS: Training is exciting. I will say that it's been very different. I've done a lot of things off the track, so it keeps it exciting and fresh. I'm not just running in circles. I ride my bike and box some for extra cardio. 
Q: Do you have a date in mind when you will retire?
FS: I will announce that after the final of the World Championships, but yes I have a date. 
Q: What will be the main factor that will tell you when it is time to stop?
FS: Well I want to walk away from track once my passion is gone and I feel I have accomplished all I can in the sport. 
Q: Are you confident you can win the gold medal in Moscow?
FS: I like my chances if everything goes right in the final. For me it will be all about whether I get my stride pattern down in the final. 
Q: You have two World Championship gold medals from 2001 and 2003, what would it mean to win a third World Championship gold medal?
FS: It would mean a lot to me because ever since I won my second I set the goal to win No 3 and to be the first 400 hurdler to win three World Championships. I came up short in 2007 and won silver so it would be a dream come true to win in Moscow to follow up the win from London. 
Q: What did winning a Laureus Award mean to you after your Olympic gold medal in London?
FS: For me it was the icing on the cake to win the Laureus Comeback Award and for all my efforts and sacrifices be recognised not only by the media but by the legends of various sports who make up the final selection panel. Also considering the greatest ever in my event was on the panel [Edwin Moses] and for me to be the first 400 hurdler to ever win a Laureus award. It's truly special.

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