Sport for Good Annual Review Case Study - Inclusive Society

Inclusive Society is one of the 6 Social Focus Areas that Laureus Sport for Good provides funding and support to enable programmes to tackle, aligned to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).
Laureus’ objective in this area is to create communities where young people and children embrace ethnic, cultural, and physical differences. It is vital that all communities embrace these differences. Sport is unique in its ability to bring people together and break down existing barriers of discrimination.
Case Study – Phakamani Baba – Waves for Change (South Africa)
Phakamani Baba grew up watching alcoholism, abuse, and instability take over his home. After his brother’s death and his parents’ divorce, Baba’s father passed away. “I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere,” he says.
Still a young boy, he became the breadwinner, with his mother and two sisters relying on him.
Crushed by the weight of responsibility, he wasn’t able to concentrate on his education qualifications, and failed. He was disillusioned and isolated from those around him. Baba then discovered Waves for Change, a programme that helps kids and young adults channel their stress through surfing.
Despite never knowing a stable home on land, Baba has found belonging with the programme. A qualified surf coach for the organisation today, he recognises the confidence, trust, and coping skills that surfing has instilled in him.
Baba wants to pass on his experience to others and use the sport to provide them with the inner strength and family spirit he always wanted.
Annual Review 2019 – Inclusive Society Headline Facts
In 2019 alone, as a direct result of Laureus Sport for Good funding and support:
  • 67,354 participants in Inclusive Society programmes in 2019
  • 45,969 from diverse groups are more physically active
  • 27,501 have an increased sense of belonging in their communities
Case Study – Phakamani Baba – Waves for Change

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