Ireland is probably the best coached team in the world says Marco Bortolami

Rugby is one of the best sports for making an impact on the young. It is about working together as a team, helping to increase their self-esteem and giving them a chance to improve their lives. As Laureus Ambassador, Marco Bortolami supports the work of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and gives his thoughts on Italy and the current Rugby World Cup.

Marco, after the first two rounds of matches of the Rugby World Cup, is the 2015 tournament living up to expectations?
Yes I think it has been a very good start, every game has been very spectacular and the results have created some upsets. Every team has to play every game at the top of their strengths to finish on top!
The ‘tier two’ nations are really stepping up, what have you made of the performances of Georgia, Japan, Canada etc? 
These nations are closer and closer to the best ones, it's is very important for the public and it shows how hard tier two nations are working to improve. Japan has probably achieved their most important win in recent times and I think there is more to come!
What are your thoughts on Italy’s opening matches? Did the team get off lightly in the Canada match?
I think Italy won a very important game, we were under pressure to get the result and that's probably why we didn't perform at our maximum. This is not an excuse and Italy need to improve a lot from a mental and technical point of view for the upcoming games of the want to progress.
“Italy need to improve a lot from a mental and technical point of view”
Italy need a result this weekend to realistically have a chance of progression in the tournament, what threats do Ireland pose?
Ireland is probably the best coached team in the world... They have smart players who are able to deliver a very specific game plan and I'm sure they are going to move the ball a lot to test the Italian defensive organisation! Italy need to really step up to avoid a very difficult afternoon against the Irish team.
Who will be Italy’s key players for the crunch match against Ireland?
I think Parisse is back and this is good news for Italy, but one player doesn't make a team, every player must play at his best as individual and deliver that as a team!
What are your hopes for the remainder of the 2015 Rugby World Cup?
I hope one of the tier two nations are able to progress to the quarterfinals and I hope the quality rugby we have seen so far is getting better and better to the final!
Marco Bortolami

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