Kenny Belaey skates into Cape Town

Laureus Ambassador and Belgian world champion bike trials cyclist, Kenny Belaey, showcased his skills to a group of young skaters at the Indigo Youth Movement project in Kleinvlei, Cape Town, last week.
Belaey has been in South Africa to cycle the Wine2Whales Mountain Bike Ride. He met close to 30 young skaters that participate in the Laureus-funded Indigo Youth Movement (IYM) project. The kids showed Belaey some of their impressive carves and flips on the ramp, the result of two hour training sessions three times a week. IYM Regional Manager, Charl Jensel mentioned that more and more kids in the area are joining the project, “Skating gives you an identity. You’re no longer that boy from down the street - you are one of the ‘skater boys’.”
Belaey then wowed the young crowd with a demonstration of some of the tricks and skills that have earned him the nickname “The Magician”, along with four Elite World Championships, six World Cup wins and three European titles. Belaey commented, “It is amazing to see the passion these kids have for skating. It’s the same passion and focus that I’ve had for biking for the last 23 years”.
Disadvantaged kids in the Cape Flats area are exposed to substance abuse and gangsterism on a daily basis and the project has given them an avenue to use skateboarding to combat these negative influences. “The Indigo Youth Movement is a great example of Laureus using sport to help young people in disadvantaged communities. Kenny’s visit will definitely inspire these kids to keep focused on skating and the positive influence it has in their lives”, said fellow Laureus Ambassador Ryan Sandes, the South African trail runner and one of the world’s premier endurance athletes, who was on hand to host Kenny at the visit.
The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation uses sport as the means to improve the lives of young people everywhere. Laureus Ambassadors, such as Kenny Belaey and Ryan Sandes, volunteer their time to assist the work of the Foundation. Since its inception Laureus has raised over €60 million and currently supports more than 150 projects around the world, which have helped to improve the lives of millions of children.

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