Laureus Academy friends join Botham on Beefy Walk

November 5, 2013

Ian Botham was joined by fellow Laureus Academy Members Steve Waugh and Morné du Plessis today as Beefy's Big Sri Lanka Walk arrived in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo.

The 30 kilometre trek started in the coast side surroundings of the cities Kingsbury Hotel, ending at the Premadasa international cricket stadium.

Beefy suffered the toughest day of the walk yesterday, so the arrival off his Laureus Academy friends was a welcome distraction from the gruelling schedule he is undertaking across Sri Lanka.

But if Beefy is gradually getting used to the heat of Sri Lanka, it proved to be a challenge to Austalian cricket legend Waugh.
Talking to with a few kilometres still to go today, Waugh said: "It's over 35 degrees today, trying to keep up with Beefy is impossible. It's just about walking then running to get to him!

"It's a great thing he's doing though. He's a really good example [to sportspeople] about what we can do and the power we have when it comes to raising money and awareness for good causes.

"But physically it's bloody hard work… hopefully I can make it to the end."

Morné said: "I can't believe the pace he is walking at, I can't believe he has done 5 days already. But it's so nice to be here getting into the rhythm on the walk.

"They are great individuals. Though we come from different sports, different eras, we have a common philosophy that sport can change the world, and that's what binds us. Botham really walks the walk. He does the hard yards. It's all about making a sacrifice, hard work and this is that for Beefy."
You can also support Ian Botham as he crosses Sri Lanka on foot, raising funds for children around the world from wherever you are and pledge your daily walk to the #BeefyWalk campaign.

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